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  • Laurent Levy

We are being lived by our decisions

Our choice is the cause of everything. Everything else is a consequence. So there is no point in trying to change our experience, because we don't have the choice we may still think we have there. Everything that happens there is being lived by, or unfolds according to our deeper decisions. For example, if we allow the thoughts "I'm alone", "I'd better succeed if I want to be well", or "I'm at the mercy of my world"... to settle in us, to be true, then we have decided to take a certain road. In this case, the road of "alone," "not yet," "maybe." And, we will be lived by that decision. We will have the thoughts of "alone", the emotions of "alone", and the relationships and situations of "not yet" will be our daily life. There is no point in fighting these thoughts, or trying to change these situations. This will only perpetuate the state of being alone or victim; the state or road of "it's not my fault". This is the decision that will "live" us. If, conscious of this, we choose to listen to the voice of the Creator, the cause of our experience, the chooser of the road we will walk on, then we will also be lived by this decision. We will be aware of another kind of identity, different kinds of thoughts, emotions and situations... we will be witnesses, actors and choosers of a whole new way of living.

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