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Image de Alex Iby

To know who we are , you must understand our choices.

You have to know the rules of the universe

in which we live.



Here they are:



  • We are creators.

       Each of our choices manifests a universe, and we choose every moment.


  • We choose joy

      We prefer to create what is joyful for us, and what is joyful for us gets refined.


  • We know that everything in our creation is a possibility.

       All possibilities exist.


  • We made the choice of the "already accomplished".

       We have recognized that “almost”, “soon” or “not yet” are no longer joyful to us.


  • We know that we are very specific beings, and that our creation is just as specific.

       We have recognized Oneness as the basis of Beings and Creation, and we know it        to be the backdrop of our specific joy.


  • Each choice creates an identity, its world and its relationships. We call this trio a "line".

       No event exists outside the line on which it appears. Thus, we no longer seek to          change an event, but to see if the chosen line suits us or not.


  • Our joy is the joy of all.

  • We choose the rules of our manifestation, and in particular the function of time in it.

      We like things to appear without delay.


  • We have chosen to recognize that our most beautiful versions are governed by the rule of “made for one  another”.

      And that this rule actually governs all form.


  • We recognize that the body is already accomplished, that it is it who knows, feels, does and sees ... it is the reunion of the verbs that make creation. 
    We choose to live only by it. It is power at work. 

  • We know that the past is one of many possibilities , just like the present and the future.

      We understand that choosing a specific version of ourselves is choosing the Past-       Present-Future that comes with it. We call this a " Block ", and we know that by         switching from one identity to another, we are changing entire blocks.


  • We are the agents of manifestation of the qualities that matter most to us.

      Our DNA is made to precipitate these qualities which are registered in it. These           will be our natural interest, and the choice of our most joyful creation.


  • We are living the manifestation of our choices, and we are making more and more room for what's our most beloved versions.


  • And finally, we are a cell, Fanny and me.

      This cell is our strength, our joy, our pride and our love. The more we                            recognize it and put it in the foreground, the more our creation rejoices.

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