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  • Laurent Levy

Acceptance Vs Yes/No

When everything is seen as a possibility, one possibility among many, then we are no longer the same. We are no longer persons on a path of self-realization. On the contrary, we recognize that being on a path is an idea, a possibility that we have validated or chosen. If it does not make us happy, we can just as easily un-choose it, say no, and thus abandon the world and the identity that comes with this creation. We thus become the creators of our realities. (We recognize this, because we have always been). The old advice to accept one's experience rather than judge it is now being enhanced by the recognition that this experience is not a truth in itself; it is one of many possibilities. Then it becomes clear that we will only accept, or say yes, to those possibilities that make us happy. We are going to refuse the possibilities that no longer make us happy. Having breathed this way of living, we understand that the possibilities are not only main lines, but also all the events that populate these lines. Thus, when we say yes to a line, we say yes to its events. And when we say yes to an event, we say yes to its line. Likewise, when we prefer to say no to a situation, that it no longer corresponds to our choice of joy, we say no to the line on which that situation occurs. The line, or the leading idea, is not more important than the situation or the event. Both are seen as a possibility, a proposition, an invitation to accept or reject. This experienced pain, this series of negative thoughts, this slow manifestation of our desires, etc... can be rejected immediately. They no longer serve what we want for reality. Thus, they disappear because they are no longer desired. It would be good to make another post (or even a book :-) ) on the equally joyful fact that there is no past that rules or weights on our experience. When everything is seen as a possibility, everything is free of past, history or weight. Everything is a new invitation to take or not. There are no "consequences" you need to be wary of when you erase a past that doesn't really exist. Thus, the way becomes free to cheerfully and naturally refuse things that do not suit us, to no longer create them, and on the contrary to joyfully welcome what we like, what pleases us. These are still poor words about what happens naturally, by and from the body. <3

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