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Les nouveaux rendez-vous

Rather than rejoicing at having understood something, and even having seen or achieved something important (like an awareness), our invitation is to be the one who already knows this. And, to realize then that it is this other me, the one who knows this and who lives his own life, that we have captured. It was in his shoes that we were able to walk for a moment. It is therefore his life that we would like to live. So we are interested in him. How does he live, what does she like? While knowing that it is not a line to be reached either ... it is the line that has manifested itself, that is to say that I am already this line, this me, with its habits- there, obviously very different from the life and habits of someone who understood something ten minutes ago. Both lines exist. The two identities are there. The lives of these two people also exist.

Living from this vision is a good overview of what we are both going through.

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