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A New Way Of Living

B e  -  C h o o s e  -  C r e a t e 


Once we recognise the nature of our Being,

beyond all forms and differences,

choosing becomes the first movement.

Choosing to be and to live our own life,

to express our own note through form,

to define our specific joy within differences.


To be here is to Create.

Manifesting the universe of our choice from all possibilities,

and embody our decisions every day.



      Who we are

To know who we are,  you must understand

what we choose. You have to know the rules

of the universe in which Fanny and I live.


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Image de Michal Pechardo

News...(in French)


Thank you for all your sharing, it's HUGE what this brings me.


I want to thank you so much your teachings have changed our life


Thank you for Everything that has been transmitted through You and that has opened up to magnificent transformations.


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