A new way of living

To choose Joy is to choose yourself above all else. We could have also said choosing your evidence. Or even your truth, your authenticity. It means choosing never to compromise. When we choose what is joyful, we choose our body. We listen to and honor our DNA. Daring to follow our desire allows us to move on to a completely different reality. We can see clearly how we did not choose our joy before, just as the majority of people do not choose their joy. We realize the power we have over all of our reality.

 Everything is            creation

When we choose our joy, we choose to remember, little by little or suddenly, that we are the Sons and Daughters of Knowledge. That nothing is withheld from us, apart from our decisions not to have, not to fully enjoy our creations.

Thank you for all your sharing, it is HUGE what it brings me.


I want to thank you so much your teachings have changed our lives


Thank you for everything that has been transmitted through You . It has opened up magnificent transformations.


     Who we are

To know who we are,  you must understand

what we choose. You have to know the rules

of the universe in which Fanny and I live.


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